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NMC – THX102 The Land is Sacred: An Indigenous Theology of Land

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Raymond C. Aldred

July 18 – 22 | 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Rev. Ray Aldred, Cree, Professor of Theology, Director of the Indigenous Studies Centre at the Vancouver School of Theology, and current Chair of the North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies, as well as the Aboriginal Ministries Council for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

This course is a theological investigation of what it means to hold land as sacred. If land is part of the sacred, it makes a difference to how we think about Christian theology and ethics. In an effort to understand what it means to think of land as sacred, participants will read the gospel story or canon of scripture through an Indigenous lens to explore our creation stories in an attempt to understand the implications of acknowledging that this land is our home.

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