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NMC – SPX511 Indigenous Spiritualities and Contemporary Issues

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July 11 – 15 | Full day course

Adrian Jacobs, Cayuga and member of the Six Nations Iroquis Confederacy. Artist, writer, Indigenous advocate; founding member of the Indigenous Christian Alliance; and is currently Keeper of the Circle/ Principal of Sandy- Salteaux Spiritual Centre. Patricia Vickers, Ph.D. Tsimshian, Heiltsuk, Haida and British heritage Currently  Director of Mental Wellness with the First Nations Health Authority on the coast of British Columbia. Vickers is a published author, artist, and spiritual director.

Indigenous principles and laws have and continue to provide an invaluable resource to “being” in and with an ever changing society that has a history of violence and injustice against Indigenous peoples for hundreds of years.

An overview of contemporary issues will be presented with a framework for analysis from an Indigenous perspective: Indigenous governance and ancestral law; Treaties, from Guswentah to modern treaties; Colonialism and the Policy of Assimilation; Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People; Colonial violence, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls; Grassroots resistance and restoration.

This course meets the requirements for the M.Div. degree program, but is open to everyone.

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