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NMC – SPX514 / ELECTIVE Pilgrimage and Indigenous Journey

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July 17th to July 21st
9AM-12PM (Lecture) & 2PM-5PM (Tutorial)

Dr. Matthew Anderson is affiliate assistant professor at the Department of Theological Studies at Concordia University, Montreal and a Fellow of Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability. His research interests include pilgrimage, Indigenous methodologies and pedagogies, and New Testament. Matthew just finished co-editing the book Pilgrim Bodies for Routledge Publishing, UK (out this year).

Pilgrimage is a nearly universal human activity that predates Christianity. It has contemporary manifestations in many faiths. While pilgrimage is not an Indigenous concept as such, the ‘trek’ or ‘journey’ (and increasingly, the protest march) bear many resemblances especially to postmodern forms of pilgrimage. In this class, we will learn with our minds and our feet the four aspects of pilgrimage: body, terrain, movement, and story, as they all move us toward transformation. The class will include readings, stories, and the experience of walking different types of terrain around VST in conscious self-reflection.

Please note this course is open to all students and tutorial sessions are mandatory to earn M.Div credit.

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