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LS/SP503 – Anglican Retreat: Baptism

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Grant Rodgers

For Anglicans, Baptism has been understood as the primary sacrament, the symbolic entry point into life in Christ.  Whether or not it is a definitive sacrament depends on a lot of factors. In addition to understanding the history and theology of Baptism in the Christian tradition, Anglican priests are expected to be competent leaders in presiding at sacramental worship, and to do so must be trained in various aspects of sacramental practice:

  • The planning and conduct of liturgical rites
  • The integration of the presider’s personality and the role/persona involved in presiding at public worship.
  • The teaching, preparation and pastoral care of those seeking Baptism

As part of the Anglican Formation program, this retreat is open to Anglican M.Div. students, unless by special permission from the Instructor

Date and Location: Bethlehem Retreat Centre, November 1-3, 2019.

Please note: Each student attending this course is responsible for paying a $50 accommodation charge for the retreat centre.  The charge will be applied to the student’s account as a separate charge at the point when the student registers for the course. After the end of the Add/Drop period, there will be no refund of the accommodation charge if a student withdraws from the course.  Under the usual policy on Fee Refunds and Withdrawals, tuition charges for the course will still be eligible for a refund but the accommodation charge will not.

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