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LS/SP501 – Anglican Retreat: Marriage

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Grant Rodgers

Marriage today is under considerable pressure to adapt and change and there are now numerous socially acceptable ways of approaching and living in committed relationships. What can and should the Church expect, bless and support? Is there a norm or standard of Christian marriage? Marriage has been seen as a powerful symbol of reconciliation, as a means of living out a vocation to create a loving community and sign of Christ’s love, and as one of the pillars of society. How should we see its purpose now? It is important that people who will be conducting marriages on behalf of the Church be clear about what marriage is and how it might be celebrated in the light of the emergence of new understandings about the nature of human sexuality and relationships.

Retreat Dates: November 23-25 at Bethlehem Retreat Centre (Nanaimo, BC)

Retreat Centre Fees:

Each student attending this retreat is responsible for paying their share of the accommodation charges stipulated by the retreat centre.  A $50 charge will be applied to the student’s account as a separate charge at the point when the student registers for the course. After the end of the Add/Drop period, there will be no refund of the accommodation charge if a student withdraws from the course. Under the usual policy on Fee Refunds and Withdrawals, tuition charges for the course will still be eligible for a refund but the accommodation charge will not.

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