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HOM517 – Loosening the Tongue: The Practice of Preaching without Notes

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Week 1: July 9-13, 2018

In this 5-day course, preachers will preach 5 short sermons composed and prepared and preached in class, receiving feedback on: listeners’ experience that the sermon speaks to them, the sermon’s ability to evoke a “metanoia experience”, the preacher’s presence, and the preacher’s use of the voice and the body in preaching. The course seeks to assist any preacher in learning to focus again on the basics of preaching and on the better use of self as an instrument in bringing the Gospel alive for others.

Bishop Melissa Skelton is the ninth Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster, The Anglican Church of Canada.  Before being elected bishop, she served for nine years as Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Seattle, Washington, during a time of great membership and programmatic growth. She also taught homiletics at The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology as well as founded the College for Congregational Development, now the largest training program in congregational development in the Episcopal Church.

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