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ISP-THX571 – Religious Pluralism

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Laura Duhan-Kaplan
July 23 – 27
Lecture: 9am – 12pm
Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm

Canada today hopes to welcome multiple religious traditions into the public sphere. Indigenous Canadians are re-discovering traditions and confronting a history of oppression. How should Indigenous people and their fellow travellers participate in religious pluralism? Together, we will develop answers as we use a 5-step model of inter-religious learning to explore Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.

Note: This class includes a field trip to visit a Buddhist Temple. An additional fee of $5.00 per student is required and can be paid on arrival to ISP Summer School.

Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan, Director, Inter-religious Studies Program, at the Vancouver School of Theology. Laura specializes on Western philosophy, Jewish rabbinics, Christian spiritual direction, Jungian psychology, and Ayurvedic yoga.

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