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ISP-NTX611 – De/Colonizing Jesus: New Testament Colonial and Postcolonial Christology in the Context of the Roman Empire

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July 23 – 27
Lecture: 9am – 12pm
Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm

This course introduces students to first century confession of Jesus in the Roman Empire where Churches lived out their faith in a situation of occupation. At the same time, since First Contact, colonizing powers have often used the New Testament to promote settler cultures and ideologies. Today, Indigenous Christians around the world find themselves in the task of decolonization as they reread the New Testament. This course explores ways in which modern understandings of colonial and postcolonial identities furnish excellent tools for recovering the political dimensions of New Testament.

Harry Maier, Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Studies, Vancouver School of Theology. Doctoral degree at Oxford University in 1987 and  Master Divinity at the Lutheran Theological Seminar, Saskatoon in 1989. 

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