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ISP-HISX500/600 – Re-imagining Faith and Theology through An Indigenous World View

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Randy Woodley
July 16 – 20
Lecture: 9am – 12pm
Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm

An examination of North American Indigenous spirituality and worldview in the Jesus Way, as compared to Western colonial Christian perspectives. The course seeks to provide an alternative lens for viewing church history and theology from another paradigm other than Western Christian spirituality, by creating opportunities for contributive learners (co-learners) to gain perspective through participation in Indigenous North American thought and spiritual exercises.

The Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley, United Keetoowah Band Cherokee; Distinguished Professor of Faith and Culture and Director of Indigenous and Intercultural Studies at George Fox Seminary and co-founder, Eagle’s Wings Ministry, and founding board member of NAIITS (North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies).

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