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Indigenous Theologies: A Hermeneutical Approach

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Rev. Dr. Randall Furushima, Dean of the Graduate School of Theology, Pacific Rim Christian University and the John P.C. Makuakane Institute of Christian Leadership (Hawai’i).

Week of July 13 to 17
8:30am to 11:30am

This course introduces diverse interpretive principles from an Indigenous theological perspective, rooted in cross-disciplinary contextual studies. We will learn about post-colonial and post-modern approaches to engaging with scripture, apply insights gained from contemporary critical Empire studies and liberation theology, and introduce competencies for teaching scripture from an Indigenous world view. Our group will contribute towards a distinct “Pacific Rim” hermeneutical disposition, based on language, voice, history, interpretation, and values.

This course meets the requirement for the M.Div. degree program but is open to everyone.

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