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January 29 – 31: How Then Shall We Live?

Instructor(s): Rev. Janet Gear

Asking this question inevitably pulls us into the heart of Christianity – the living of it. Is Christian life about prayer and contemplation or about acts of justice and right relations? Wisdom teaches that these paths are not two, but one. We’ll explore the teaching and practice of this path, discovering that spiritual work is the work of awakening to what our life has been teaching us all along – that our home is in God, that we belong to one another, and that fullness of life is as much about letting go as it is about taking part. In addition to the presentations this weekend, prepare to spend time in reflection, journaling, and discussion.

Required Readings

First three chapters of (80 pages)

McFague, Sallie, A New Climate for Theology, Fortress Press 2008

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