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HIS/TH6/715 – Theology and Biblical Interpretation

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee

The last generation or two in theology has seen an explosion of proposals to return to ancient Christian ways of interpreting. This course will examine what I call the “back to allegory” movement. What are these interpreters reclaiming that they imagine had been lost or neglected in the church’s practices of interpreting? How might our ministries look different if we reappropriate those forgotten treasures? How can it be done responsibly without losing the gifts of modern interpretation?

We will address such questions with help from ancient interpreters like Origen and Augustine, with contemporary reappropriators such as Karlfried Froehlich, Peter Leithart and Sarah Coakley. Our hope is to produce our own theology of scripture by which Christ interprets his bible for the sake of his church. How do we join in with that adventurous task?

The course is available via Adobe Connect for off-site students

Prerequisites:  TH500 and either HB500 or NT500.

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