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HIS650 – Anglican History, Theology & Spirituality

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): The Rev. Dr. Canon Travis O’Brian

This course sets out to explore the question ‘what is Anglican?’ We approach this question first by surveying the political and ecclesiastical history of the Anglican Church, taking time especially to study the tumultuous period surrounding the Reformation, civil war, and Restoration.  Secondly, we will read and discuss some key thinkers, documents, and movements that have shaped the Church’s history and identity from the Reformation to the Twentieth Century.  Finally, we will spend some time listening to Anglican music and poetry, as expressions of ‘the beauty of holiness’ so central to Anglican spiritual practice.  Both primary and secondary sources will be used throughout.  It is hoped that by the end of the course, participants will be better equipped to identify some of what makes the Anglicanism unique in its witness of the Gospel, and therefore understand its special calling to both the greater Church and the world we live in today.


Prerequisite: HIS500

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