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HIS650 – Anglican History, Theology & Spirituality

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Grant Rodgers

This course takes students on a journey that dates back to the era of Magna Carta, Julian of Norwich and John Wycliffe, exploring the great historical moments, movements and famous figures that gave rise to the spirituality we would now define as Anglican.  The aim of the course is to bring the historical events and people to life as we consider the various narratives and developments that gave shape and substance to the comprehensive and worldwide church we now call the Anglican Communion.  We will encounter some interesting questions: What are the roots of our sense of comprehensiveness and inclusion? Why are we both Catholic and Protestant?  Who are the greatest figures in Anglican history?  How can we be simultaneously sacramental, mystical, rational and intellectual?  What is the via media or middle way, and is it still a valid understanding of what Anglicans are about?  Can we be both venerable and viable – what does the future hold?

Prerequisite: LS 500 and previous or concurrent enrollment in HIS600

This course is available via Zoom for distance students

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