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HB500—Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls

This first half of the full-year Foundational Core Course will be based in a serious and scholarly engagement with the literature of the Hebrew Bible. Several lines of approach and areas of knowledge will be developed through the year. First, the study of the history of ancient Israel in its ancient Near East context will help us focus on how that history interacts with the literature of the HB. Second, in a series of graduated exercises, we will build skills in the critical methods used to study the HB, become familiar with the resources for that study, and develop the ability to do basic interpretation of a HB text. Finally; through readings, discussion and reflection we will develop an understanding of the theologies of the HB as expressed in its texts; and also develop the ability to reflect critically on the use and interpretation of the HB in the church, in religious settings, and in contemporary culture. The fall semester addresses introductory matters of background and method and covers the Biblical books of Genesis through 2 Samuel (beginnings to the emergence of the monarchy). The spring semester builds competence in background and method and covers 1 Kings through Malachi (United Monarchy to early Judaism). No prerequisites.

This course is available via Zoom for off-site students

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