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Ecotheology and the Spirit

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Course Dates: July 11-15

An eco-theologian is someone who presents ideas and possibilities — lures for feeling and understanding — aimed at helping people live kindly with one another, gently with animals, and lightly on the earth, for the sake of individual happiness and the entire community of life, in an age of global climate change and violence. These lures for feeling can be presented through words (written and spoken), music, visual arts, dance, film, theater, and liturgy. In this course we will explore a variety of ecotheologies, east and west, presented in a variety of ways, which can be meaningful to people with and without conventional religious beliefs, and which can help them build communities of justice and love in local settings.

Dr. Jay McDaniel is the Willis Holmes Professor of Religion, Hendrix College, Arkansas. He is a well-known author of books on process theology, ecospirituality, and interfaith dialogue, deeply interested in relations between theology and the creative arts. He is also editor of the website Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism:, which serves as a context for people around the world to learn about and further develop process theology and various forms of ecotheology.

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