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DS601 – Anglican Polity, Ministry & Mission

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Grant Rodgers

People entering into leadership in the Anglican Church need to have an understanding of how things work in our particular denomination (or at least how they are supposed to work); they have to know something about the nature and limits of the authority they will be granted and the expectations and responsibilities attached to the roles of Bishop, Priest, Deacon and Laity in the Church. This two-credit course will explore the nature, motivations and practices relating to ministry and mission in Anglicanism, beginning with an examination of the basic organization, structure and polity of the Church.

Four Fall Classes (Sept 25; Oct. 9 & 30, Nov. 20) are Available via Adobe Connect for off-site Students.  On-site Attendance in January Interterm (10th – 11th) is mandatory.  See the course outline for details.

Pre-requisites: HIS650 – Anglican History, Theology & Spirituality, or permission from the instructor

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