The Rev. Ray Aldred, Cree, Professor of Theology, Ambrose University College and Seminary, Chair, North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies, Director, My People International

Week of July 7 to 11
8:30am to 11:30am

The centre of Christian theology is Jesus Christ. Therefore, this course will focus on thinking through the scriptural and ecclesiastical traditions concerning the person and work of Christ. This will provide the basis for a discussion about the implication of Christology for the present and future Church. Thus, the course will seek to engage the ideas represented by the councils, creeds of past theologians, and then move to examine the theological praxis that resulted in a colonial and post-colonial context. All this in hopes of the learner developing a shared praxis based upon a renewed indigenous Christology. This course meets the requirements for the M.Div. degree program but is open to everyone.

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