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Congregational Vitality Initiative


The VST initiative for Congregational Vitality through Community Engagement connects parched leaders and congregations to best practice leaders, congregations and strategies that stimulate a holistic approach to being the church in the world. In its first three-year cycle, director Chris Pullenayegem hopes to position this as a learning exchange that will accompany, connect, equip and resource congregations and be known for researching, creating, curating and distributing resources that facilitate congregational vitality. Special attention will be directed towards the growing influence of migrant churches across North America and how the established church can learn and support them as they grow together.

Our purpose is to stand in the gap between local congregations and denominations that are finding it increasingly harder to resource congregational health and vitality. By finding creative ways to Accompany, Connect, Equip and Resource congregations, we hope that our efforts would encourage and positively contribute to the growth and vitality of the wider Canadian Church.

Chris Pullenayegem
Director, Congregational Vitality Initiative
Email: cpullenayegem@vst.edu
Mobile: (647) 993-3871