Dr. Lynn E. Mills

Lynn 2023-06-01 – web

Sessional Instructor

Email: Mills (dot) m (dot) Lynn (dot) e (at) gmail (dot) com


Dr. Lynn E. Mills holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Vancouver School of Theology where her thesis was on reclaiming the integrity of baptism. She has completed a PhD at Trinity College Dublin, researching water and spirit in initiation and cleansing rites in the Dead Sea Scrolls and New Testament. The topic of Lynn’s research was partially chosen based on what would provide an opportunity to spend extended periods of time researching in Israel, a place very close to her heart as it is where she met her English husband while living on a kibbutz in the early 1980’s.

Lynn is a postulant in the Anglican Church of Canada and a member of the neo-monastic Emmaus Community in Victoria where she lives with her husband Phil.

Lynn is deeply interested in the transforming agency of the Holy Spirit, ritual, and liturgy, particularly the effect on faith, praxis, and the psyche.