The Rev. Louise Peters

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O'Driscoll Forum Artist in Residence


Louise is an ordained priest who has been in active ministry for 35 years, in the Anglican Church of Canada. She has served as a university chaplain, a parish rector, as clergy team member in two cathedral, as an executive director of a retreat and conference centre and as a Cathedral dean. Throughout these years she has offered spiritual direction to a small client base. Louise now dedicates her energy and prayer to this vital and important soul work. She holds a degree in psychology and a degree in practical theology. Throughout her ministry she has engaged in furthering her education and professional development through courses on scripture, storytelling, art as prayer, body work, spirituality and mysticism. She leads retreats, quiet days and has offered courses and lectures on the spiritual life and practices of prayer. Christian faith informs her and is her centre; however she is open to interfaith conversations and practices. Inclusivity and equity justice are core values she holds in her approach. She has worked with individuals in recovery work and also provides grief support. Louise believes that being safely heard by the listening heart of another provides a sanctuary. In such a safe space, transformation, grace and insight can be found, and the Holy can be met.