How Jews Read the Bible: An Introduction to Rabbinic Midrash

Code: HB6/707

Dates: September 12, 2022 - December 16, 2022 on Thursdays

Time: 2:00 pm for 3 hours

Midrash is a Hebrew word for “Biblical interpretation.” Over the centuries, Jewish interpreters have used close reading, Hebrew wordplay, and generous imagination to recover legends, address theological questions, define ritual practices, and adapt to social trends while preserving historical continuity. Through our study of midrash, we will expand our understanding of Hebrew Bible’s complexity, spirituality, and homiletic potential. We will touch on halachic (practical) midrash, but will focus on aggadic (narrative) midrash.

Prerequisites:  HB500 or equivalent

Available In Person or via Zoom (synchronous or asynchronous)