Preaching & Eschatology

Code: HOM/TH6/703

Dates: January 18, 2021 - April 9, 2021 on Thursdays

Time: 6:00 pm for 3 Hours

In modernity, talk of heaven or hell or the afterlife has hung around theology like an embarrassing elder relative—they have every right to be in the house, but no one wants to talk about them. Yet one could argue that there is not a non-eschatological thought in the entire New Testament. Apocalyptic is, famously, the mother of all Christian theology. Biblical scholars reclaimed it in the 20th century. Theologians have been slower to do so. Just think how many sermons you have heard on heaven or hell. Ever. Or how many you’ve preached.

This course will attend to eschatology and preaching. What do we do with these cumbersome accretia around our faith?

Pre-requisites:  TH500 or HOM500