Pastoral/Spiritual Care & Practice

Code: PT551

Dates: January 24, 2024 - April 3, 2024

To be a caregiver of another psyche or soul in times of everyday discernment, life transitions, trauma or crisis is a sacred and privileged call. As human beings our first instinct is to “fix” what is wrong and restore the comfort of the other and of ourselves. To be present with another’s suffering without imposing one’s own opinions, prejudices or agenda is a critical skill.

This is a skills based and experiential course designed to offer students the opportunity to practice interpersonal communication and listening skills as applied to pastoral and spiritual conversations both in the class and out in the community. Students will also articulate or create a regular spiritual practice towards their own spiritual growth. The content is selected to address the very practical but complex issues that the pastoral/spiritual professional may encounter in today’s society.

Note:  Students must have a Police Information Check in their VST student file to take this class.  Students are responsible for attaining the PIC from their local police department and for the cost (See, for example: or Students can be provided with an individualized letter to assist them in attaining a PIC. If the student has a current PIC (within the last six months), a copy of that document will be accepted. A copy of the PIC (current or within six months) is to be uploaded to Populi by the student before the beginning of any course with a field component, or any unit of TFE begins. 

This class is Zoom synchronous ONLY.