Theological Field Education in Faith Communities II (TFE-FC)

Code: PT652

Dates: January 15, 2024 - April 8, 2024 on Mondays

January 15 (9am-12pm), January 29 (9am-12pm), February 12 (9am-12pm), March 4 (9am-12pm), March 18 (9am-12pm), April 8 (9am - approximately 12pm)

This TFE corresponds to the MDiv degree

PT652D follows PT651 (Fall) and is its required completion. Together these two courses, and the field work that goes alongside them, fulfill two units of Theological Field Education (TFE – Leadership in Practice). Theologically trained professionals serving congregational or social ministries, agencies, organizations and other institutions are continually presented with a changing context and the need for their organizations to respond. A key critical leadership challenge is to identify opportunities which are truly strategic and then to assist the organization to embrace the occasion. The Studio for Strategic Leadership (The Studio-PT651/PT652)) is designed to be a crucible into which we bring ourselves – our gifts, hopes, vulnerabilities, strengths, weaknesses, uncertainties, experience – so that we may become transformed, effective leaders. It is a different kind of classroom. We will consider this question, among others: ‘How can we act from the future that is seeking to emerge?’ (Scharmer) as we also seek to engage the missio Dei (“the good news that God is a God-for-people”, Bosch).

Prerequisites: Theological Field Education in Faith Communities I (TFE-FC)

This course is Zoom synchronous only.