Intercultural Theology and Spirituality

Code: TH/SP6/730


Who is the Other? In a society so culturally and religiously diverse as Canada, how do we, current and future leaders of church and society, build just relations with the Other without breaching the Other’s identity? This course explores these questions and their spiritual implications for our time and place. A particular focus of this course will be on introducing the understanding of the Other, the paradigm shifts in mission, interreligious relations and intercultural engagement. The goal is to foster critical theological reflection and deepen spirituality in intercultural relations to create a safe, welcoming in-between space where constructive dialogue and bold discipleship take place. This course is designed for students preparing for work in congregational ministry, spiritual care and social ministry. For United Church students, it is a required course, and for other students, an elective. This is a cross-listed course in theology and spirituality.

Prerequisites:  Normally, students have completed at least one graduate course in Theology or equivalent (TH500 or equivalent).

Available in-person or via Zoom (synchronous or asynchronous)