Ceremony and Sacrament

Code: ISP-LSX500

Dates: July 19, 2021 - July 23, 2021

Class: 9am - 12pm (PT) | Tutorial (MDiv Only): 2 - 5pm (PT)

Ceremony and Sacrament is an experiential and reflective course on embodied Indigenous spiritual practice and the Christian worship tradition and sacraments. In the light of liturgical inculturation in the church reflection will be on traditional Indigenous ceremony. Daily ceremony will be the context of presentations made on various dimensions of the sacred in daily life and special occasions. Participants will be asked to reflect on their experiences and relate it to their station and vocation in life.

Christian worship is a product of human cultures expressing their experiences of God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. The Christian sacraments will serve as the context of discussion. The integrity of Indigenous ceremony and the dynamism of Indigenous culture will be expressed as the both/and expression of Indigenous flourishing.

The course considers how the cultures of earlier Christians shaped the way they worshipped and then reflects on current worship practices and possibilities for Indigenous Christian worship in their cultural context. There will be a special emphasis on avoiding cultural appropriation in the engagement with Indigenous ceremony and spirituality. An authentic Christian experience is not a colonizing work of extinguishing Indigenous language, theft of land, loss of culture or ceremony, or an imposed foreign governance.

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