United Church of Christ Grants and Scholarships

Ministry Education Scholarships are available to those preparing for ministry in the United Church of Christ and for continuing education for ministers. Members in Discernment may apply for the Brown Endowment Scholarship and ONE other UCC Ministry Education Scholarship per year.

To qualify for a United Church of Christ Ministry Education Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria unless otherwise stated:

  • Membership in a UCC congregation for at least one year at time of application;
  • Enrollment in an ATS accredited seminary towards a course of study leading to ordained ministry;
  • Member-in-discernment of an Association or Conference at time of application;
  • At least a “B” average maintained; (With the exception of The Rev. Virginia Kreyer Scholarship where a lower GPA will be accepted)
  • Agrees to serve in the UCC or a partner church on completion of seminary;
  • Demonstrates leadership ability through participation in local church, Association, Conference, or academic environment.