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VST Announces Departure of Professor Jason Byassee

It is with regret and profound appreciation that we announce that Prof. Jason Byassee will complete his work as the first incumbent of the Butler Chair of Homiletics and Hermeneutics effective August 31, 2022. The Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee has held this position since 2015. He leaves VST to become the Senior Minister of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto beginning in September.

“I’m so grateful for VST. Its faculty have taught me how to be a colleague. Its students have taught me how to be a teacher. Its worshiping life has brought me closer to God. I’m sad to have to advocate for it from afar, but I’ll never not advocate for it. What a wonderful place to study for ministry today.”
Prof. Jason Byassee

We are so grateful to Jason for his commitment to engaging and thoughtful theological education. His liveliness and passion in the classroom, collegiality, wide interests in the church and the city, desire to form students for ministry and his love for the Church of Jesus Christ are exemplary. Graduates remark not only on the depth and insightfulness of his scholarship in the classroom but on his wisdom for the practice of ministry in our time. In his own words, “My primary vocation is to reinvigorate today’s church with the best of ancient and contemporary wisdom for creatively faithful living.”

During his time at the school, Jason has been prolific in research and publications, often coauthoring and editing with his colleagues and students. His investment in summer school has made this program flourish by providing students and friends of the school with world class learning opportunities. His good humour and interest in innovative programs made him a crucial member of the VST faculty. His investment in core partnerships for the school, including with Durham University, will be an ongoing benefit to VST.

“What a joy it has been to work with Jason at VST. His love of the gospel animates his teaching, research and writing. It is all directed to the life and vitality of the Church and God’s good world. His openness to new possibility in the service of Jesus Christ is delightful and deeply encouraging. We will miss his remarkable presence at the school. We are grateful for all he has contributed. He leaves to take up work he has taught with passion and compassion. We wish him God’s blessing in it.”
President Richard Topping

VST will initiate a search to find the next incumbent for the Butler Chair in Homiletics and Hermeneutics in the coming academic year. For this academic year, VST is engaging our first rate faculty and sessionals to pick up preaching and biblical interpretation courses.

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