Attachment 3 – Recruiting your guiding coalition (i.e., core team)

1. Send out a general call but also personally invite those you would want on your team.

2. Communicate the vision to the team. Share the resources (articles etc) that you have read so far. Meet them one on one and assess their commitment to: 1. The vision 2. Their willingness to be changed; to become more like Jesus; to learn and grow together. Take as much time as you need for this process. It’s important that the team understands and is committed to what’s ahead.

3. Meet regularly to pray and discern God’s will together. Begin studying “Pursuing God’s will together” by Ruth Hayley-Barton together with the council and congregation (see Attachment 5). Take your time in this phase. You are building a team that is driven by vision and hope, not forming a committee based on church rules and policies.

4. Engage a coach – for accountability and continuity.

5. Begin to practice and model DNA strand #4. – Servant hearted, empowering leadership. Use the resource provided in Attachment 7.