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International and Non-Local Students Seeking Rental Rooms

The Vancouver School of Theology (VST) is located on the University of British Columbia campus. We are called to educate and form thoughtful, engaged, and generous Christian leaders in collaboration with the Indigenous Church and people of other faith traditions. We welcome students from across Canada and around the world to share in our inclusive and affirming community of learning.

As we have more and more international and non-local students coming to study at VST, we recognize that they need help to find affordable rental rooms. This concern has prompted us to reach out to our church partners with a special request. If you have property to rent, either a room ($500-$850 a month) or a house (2-3 bedrooms, $2-3k a month), we would love to hear from you.

Why offer VST international and non-local students a place to live? 

  • To provide incoming students with more than just a place to stay. You offer newcomers a soft landing and supportive community during their academic journey, making a significant impact on their transition.
  • To earn additional income.
  • To join in supporting VST’s mission and vision by cultivating an inclusive environment that values diversity.

How does the housing initiative work?

VST has built a Housing Group for International and Non-Local Students in Populi. Populi is our student portal, and only students looking for housing can access the group. Once we collect written consent from you, we will post your housing information to our group. If you find your tenant, please let us know so that we can delete your posting to respect your time and privacy. VST’s role is to distribute your housing information in Populi. Students will directly contact you to inquire if they are interested. In this way, you can directly communicate with students regarding questions you have for them. You also have the right to make your own decision about who you will rent the space to.

How can you contact us?

Astrid Melatunan: +1 604 771 9207 or vststudentbuddy@vst.edu; Laura Chen: 604 822 0824 (Mondays to Thursdays 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) or lchen@vst.edu.

If you are ready to post, please email us with your housing information, and we will respond to you with a written consent request. If you need more information, such as what information should be included in your listing, or have any concerns, please call or email us.

Your generosity in opening your homes can truly make a positive difference in the lives of these students and contribute to the vibrancy of our international community. Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity to extend your hospitality.

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