Tuition Support (Bursaries)

Tuition Support (Bursaries)

Tuition Subsidy

VST Student Bursaries and Tuition Support Plan

VST offers a number of Bursaries as part of its Tuition Support Plan that can help defray the cost of studies. Tuition support can be requested by students registered in VST degree or diploma programs, for up to 100% of tuition, based on the student’s amount of financial need and registration status as indicated on the Tuition Support Application Form. Applicants are expected to supply a detailed budget as part of their application for VST bursaries. Applicants must demonstrate that they have searched for other possible sources of financial support including congregational and denominational assistance.

Deadlines for Bursary Applications and Updates

  • September 15th for Fall Term tuition assistance
  • January 15th for Spring Term tuition assistance
  • April 1st for Summer Term assistance and the following year work-study applications

Bursary and Tuition Support Plan Application

Student Forms

Master of Divinity by Extension

Master of Divinity by Extension students are also eligible for VST student aid. Please contact the Indigenous Studies Centre office directly.

Indigenous Studies Centre Office