NMC – THX103 The Doctrine of Discovery, “A Christian Empire,” and the Colonization of a New World

July 10th to July 14th

Mark Charles, Navajo; A dynamic and thought-provoking public speaker, writer, and consultant. Founder and Director of 5 Small Loaves, an organization that pursues racial reconciliation, member of the Board of Directors at the Christian Community Development Association, and the Resource Development Specialist for Indigenous Worship at Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

Residential schools, slavery, the United States Declaration of Independence, land titles, the discovery of the new world, the Civil Rights movement and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; all of these historical events and documents have been deeply influenced by the Doctrine of Discovery. This course will examine the Doctrine of Discovery, looking at its roots within the Christian church and its dehumanizing influence on the governments and society of both the United States and Canada.
Please note this course is open to all students.

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